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Furries, humans, ponies, fur animals, sketches, character references, full body, half body, side profile, clothes, flowers, plants, emojis, ship art, two or more characters, blood, media characters, food and drinks, animatronics, headless characters, winged characters, pixelated, two-canvas art, art species characters

nsfw, gore, horror, discriminatory or problematic artwork, birds, whales, detailed hair shading, scenery, landscape, complexed backgrounds, celebrities

Melanie martinez ; odetari
doja cat ; beyonce
Beach weather ; coldplay
the neighborhood ; nicki Minaj

fnaf ; bungo stray dogs
My little pony ; Pokémon
3rd life series ; trigun stampede
Genshin impact ; blue period

my heart and soul is dedicated to my boyfriend, he is my other half !!
I love ace so much <3